There are three types of Instagram accounts: Personal, Creator, and Business. Instagram collectively refers to Creator and Business accounts as Instagram Professional accounts.

While an Instagram Professional account is not required in order to use Roster, this type of Instagram account offers several key benefits over an Instagram Personal account.

The main benefit of an Instagram Professional account when working with brands is that Roster is able to automatically capture the stories you share when participating in brands' campaigns. Simply follow the campaign's @mention and #hashtag requirements and Roster will pull them in, just like with Instagram Posts.

Another benefit of a Professional account having access to Instagram Insights within the Instagram app. These analytics tools provide valuable information about your audience and how to better increase your engagement.

There are three simple steps to ensuring your Instagram account is eligible to take advantage of Roster's automated Instagram Story capturing feature:

If you have followed these three steps, but stories you share still aren't automatically getting pulled into your campaigns, see this troubleshooting guide on why your stories might not be getting captured.

Please reach out to our Support team with any questions that you might have about Instagram Professional accounts.

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