In order for Roster to automatically capture Instagram Stories for the campaigns in which you participate, you will need to have an Instagram Professional account, and that account needs to be connected to an Instagram business page.

If you already have an Instagram Creator or Instagram Business account, but are unable to connect your account in Roster, it is likely you haven't connected your Instagram account to a Facebook page.

The process is broken into the following three steps. This guide covers Step 2 and assumes you have already completed Step 1.

If you currently have an Instagram Personal account, jump back to Step 1.

Step 2: Connect your Instagram Professional account to a Facebook business page

These steps can feel a bit technical, but hang in there you'll have a connected account before you know it. Remember, a Facebook page is not the same as a Facebook profile.

If you already have a Facebook page that you manage, you can simply connect it to your Instagram account (Option 1). Alternatively, you can create a new page to use with your Instagram account (Option 2).

Option 1: Connect to an existing Facebook Page

  • Log into your Facebook account

  • Click on the more menu and select Pages

  • Select the existing page to which you want to connect your Instagram account.

  • Click the Settings option in the left menu

  • Click the Instagram option in the left menu

  • Follow the steps to connect your Instagram account to your page.

Option 2: Create a new Facebook Page

The easiest way to create and link to a new Facebook page is within the Instagram mobile app.

  • Open the settings for your Instagram profile

  • Tap on either Creator or Business, depending on the type of Instagram Professional account you

  • Tap Connect a Facebook page

  • Tap Create Facebook Page

  • Ensure you are logged into the correct Facebook account

  • Follow the Facebook prompts to create your page. Once complete, you should see your new page.

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