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A Guide to Instagram and Facebook Integration in Roster
A Guide to Instagram and Facebook Integration in Roster

Learn how to connect Instagram to Facebook page with our step-by-step guide. Enhance your social media strategy and streamline management.

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Knowing how to connect Instagram to Facebook page is pivotal in today's digital age. By bridging these platforms, you unlock a unified social experience. This synergy not only streamlines interactions for ambassadors, creators, affiliates, and businesses but also amplifies their digital footprint. Dive into our detailed guide to reap the benefits and simplify your online interactions.

Steps to Connect Your Instagram Page to Your Facebook Page

Through Instagram:

  1. Go to your Instagram account and sign in

  2. Navigate to your personal profile.

  3. Click on Edit Profile.

  4. In the Public Business/Profile Information section, select the Page option.

  5. Link the desired Facebook page or, you can Create a new Facebook page.

Another way you can link your Instagram and Facebook is from the other direction.

Through Facebook:

  1. Sign into Facebook and select Pages from the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Choose the desired Facebook page and navigate to Settings.

  3. In the left pane, find and click on Linked Accounts.

  4. Pick Instagram and proceed to link your account.

Change the Linked Facebook Page

If you wish to switch the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram:

  1. Sign into Facebook and select Pages from the left-hand sidebar.

  2. Navigate to Settings within your specific Facebook page.

  3. On the left pane, find and select Instagram.

  4. Move downwards and under the Disconnect Instagram section, hit Disconnect.

Why Connect Instagram to Facebook Page?

Facebook's acquisition of Instagram provided businesses and individuals with an integrated approach to social media management. By understanding how to connect Instagram to Facebook page, you can:

  • Achieve a consistent presence across platforms, boosting trust.

  • Simplify content strategy by scheduling and posting on both platforms at once.

  • Centralize your communication by combining message inboxes.

  • Extract valuable insights to make informed decisions by analyzing user behaviors.

  • Amplify your sales potential on Instagram through connecting with your Facebook page, activating advanced e-commerce features.

If the account is not an Instagram Business Account, you will be prompted to set up your Business Profile:

Continue through the steps to convert the account to an Instagram Business Account. When you are done, you will have successfully connected the Page to the Instagram Business Account.

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