Follow the steps in this article to troubleshoot issues when connecting with 3rd party social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

  1. Ensure you have sufficient admin permissions within the social platform to connect 3rd party applications like Roster for the social handles you need to connect for social listening.

  2. Navigate to the integrations page in your brand settings

  3. If you have already connected Roster to the social network, fully disconnect your connection in Roster and in the social network

    1. For Facebook and Instagram go to your business integrations settings in Facebook and remove Roster

  4. Then in your Roster brand settings reconnect and be sure to grant all the permissions being requested to ensure the social listening processes run properly.

Have multiple brands to connect in different Roster accounts?

  1. For Facebook/Instagram the permissions are granted at the App level and not at the individual Roster brand account level. So be sure to grant full permissions to Roster for ALL FB/IG pages you are connecting. (even if you're doing 1 brand at a time)

  2. Then you'll see a list of the pages you've granted app permissions to and you can "Connect" the appropriate page for the brand account you are managing

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