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Setting up Recurring Commissions & Points
Setting up Recurring Commissions & Points
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Incentivize word of mouth sales by offering recurring commissions on subscriptions and repeat purchases

Offering recurring commissions or points is a great way to further incentivize your ambassadors to drive word of mouth referrals. With this feature enabled, ambassadors are awarded commissions and/or points for subsequent purchases made by people they refer, within the designated eligibility window.


Enable Recurring Rewards

When recurring rewards are enabled, all subsequent purchases or subscription renewals made by a referred customer within the eligibility window will be credited as referrals to the original referrer. They will result in commission and/or point rewards based on the program's referral settings.

To enable recurring rewards for either referral commissions or referral points:

  • Navigate to the program settings for the desired program

  • Click to edit the referral settings for commissions and/or points

  • Expand the Advanced Settings section

  • Toggle on recurring rewards and set the eligibility window (the number of days in which subsequent purchases or subscription renewals are considered eligible)

  • Click save

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Which Orders Are Eligible for Recurring Rewards

The following conditions must be met for orders to be eligible for recurring rewards:

  • The purchaser must have originally been referred by an advocate in your program.

  • The purchaser must use the same email address they used on the original referred order.

  • The purchase must be made within the eligibility window in the referral settings.

  • The program the referring advocate is in must have recurring commissions and/or points enabled.

  • For subscription renewals, the order must be sent to Roster. For brands using Shopify, Roster will automatically get notified if the orders are created as orders in Shopify (e.g. Recharge Shopify Checkout).

  • For brands using other ecommerce platforms, or for Shopify brands using subscription integrations that don't create orders directly in Shopify, you will need to send the orders to Roster using the Sales Attribution API.


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