Offering Referral points for driving word-of-mouth sales is a great way to incentivize your advocates in a way that reinforces long-term engagement and promotes brand loyalty, without introducing the dynamics that come with paid commissions.

Referral points are also a core component to running effective milestone series.

Referral points are automatically calculated in Roster based on referred orders driven by your advocates. Your team has full control over which referrals are approved or rejected.


Configuring a Program's Referral Points

Referral points are configured on a program basis, allowing your brand to determine the right audience for this type of referral reward. Examples of programs that commonly use referral points include brand ambassador programs, customer programs, and athlete programs.

To configure referral points navigate to Programs > Program Settings > Referrals.

Setting the Points Structure

The points structure is comprised of the Points Calculation and the Points Amount. Select whether the amount will be calculated as a Percentage of Sale (e.g. 25%) or a Fixed Amount (e.g. 40 points) per referral.

Percentage of Sale is a great option for brands whose orders values range widely. The order's subtotal (after discounts but before taxes and shipping) is used to calculate the points amount. For example, if a referred order's subtotal was $100 and the Points Amount was set to 25%, then the referral reward would be 25 points.

Fixed Amount is most commonly used by brands that have a relatively small number of products and are priced such that offering a fixed amount per order will result in the best experience for both the brand and the advocate. For example, if the Points Amount was set to 50 points, then the referral reward would be 50, regardless of the amount of the referred order.

Setting the Approval Method

By default, when referral points are created, they are set to a pending status and require manual approval or rejection. Referral points can optionally be configured to auto-approve after a certain number of days, alleviating your team from having to manually approve them. T

Enabling Referral Points

Once you have configured the settings for the program's referral settings, you can enable points, which will trigger Roster to start creating referral points for referred orders driven by advocates in the program. You can disable referral points at any time without impacting previously created referral points.

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