Once your milestone series is set, you will want to provide plenty of opportunities for your advocates to earn points and unlock milestones. The two ways in which advocates can earn points in Roster are with campaign incentives and referral rewards.

Campaign Incentives

Campaigns are a foundational strategy for brands to engage with influencers, ambassadors, and customers. A core feature of campaigns is the ability to reward participants for joining and/or completing the campaign, which helps establish a positive feedback loop between the brand and its advocates. A challenge with campaigns incentives is budgeting for and fulfilling rewards month after month. Offering points as a campaign incentive is the perfect way to boost participation and long-term engagement without constantly thinking about rewards. To add points to a campaign, simply select Points as a campaign incentive. Then determine how many points you want to assign for completing the campaign. You can choose from one of four presets or enter a custom amount.

You can combine points with other campaign incentives, such as offering a $15.00 discount code in addition to 150 points.

Referral Rewards

Offering points for referrals is a great way to reward advocates for driving sales without the overhead that comes with cash payments. Another significant benefit is that the rewards advocates receive from unlocking milestones can be in discount codes, store credit, and free product. Each incentive strengthens the connection between the brand and its advocates.

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