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Enhancing Customer Engagement through Referral Points: A Comprehensive Guide
Enhancing Customer Engagement through Referral Points: A Comprehensive Guide
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Integrating referral points to drive word-of-mouth sales offers an effective strategy for incentivizing advocates, fostering long-term engagement, and nurturing brand loyalty. Unlike paid commissions, referral points provide a seamless approach to reward advocates and are integral to the success of milestone series.

Referral points are automatically calculated within the Roster platform based on the orders generated by advocates. Your team retains full control, with the ability to approve or reject referrals as needed.


Configuring a Program's Referral Points

Referral points are configured at the program level, empowering your brand to tailor rewards to specific audiences. Common programs leveraging referral points include brand ambassador, customer, and athlete programs.

To configure referral points, navigate to Programs > Program Settings > Referral Commissions or Referral Points.

Setting the Points Structure

The points structure consists of Points Calculation and Points Amount. Choose between a Percentage of Sales or Fixed Amount to suit your brand's needs.

  • Percentage of Sale: Ideal for brands with varying order values, this option calculates points based on a percentage of the order subtotal (after discounts, before taxes and shipping). For example, with a 25% Points Amount, a $100 order would yield 25 points.

  • Fixed Amount: Suited for brands with a limited product range, this option provides a fixed number of points per order. For instance, with a 50-point Points Amount, the referral reward remains consistent, regardless of the order amount.

Setting the Approval Method

By default, referral points are set to pending, requiring manual approval or rejection. Optionally, configure points to auto-approve after a designated number of days, streamlining the process for your team.

Next Steps

  • Managing Referral Rewards: Establish a system to oversee and optimize the distribution of referral rewards, ensuring advocates are duly acknowledged for their efforts.

  • Handling Order Refunds and Cancellations: Develop a protocol for addressing situations where orders are refunded or canceled, ensuring fairness and transparency in the referral point system.

  • Planning a Milestone Series: Strategize and implement milestone series to sustain interest and engagement among advocates, further amplifying the impact of referral points.

By implementing these steps, your brand can create a robust referral points system that not only motivates advocates but also contributes to the overall success of your engagement programs.

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