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Getting Started with Referral Rewards
Getting Started with Referral Rewards
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Referral Rewards Overview

Roster’s Referral Rewards feature is an excellent way to show your appreciation to advocates for driving word-of-mouth sales to your store. If you are already using Sales Attribution to measure your advocates' referral performance, then you already have the foundation in place to generate referral rewards and pay advocates all within the Roster platform. If you are new to Sales Attribution, be sure to read our guide on setting up the referral link pixel and the order tracking pixel.

Referral rewards are enabled at the program level, giving your brand full control over which advocates are eligible for rewards, and of which type. Roster offers two types of referral rewards: referral commissions and referral points, each configurable at the program level. Your programs' strategies will typically inform which type of referral reward to implement. You also have the option to enable both types of referral rewards for a program at the same time.

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