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Setting Up Tiered Referral Rewards
Setting Up Tiered Referral Rewards
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Welcome to Roster's Tiered Referral rewards Setup – an innovative way to reward advocates for their referral efforts. This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough to help you configure and maximize Tiered Referral Rewards for your referral program. Before you start, ensure Referral Tracking is set up for accurate monitoring.

Step-by-Step Setup Process:

  1. Accessing Tiered Referral Rewards Settings:

    1. Log in to your Roster account.

    2. Navigate to Programs > Program Settings > Scroll to the Referral Commissions and Referral Points section.

    3. Choose the which referral reward you'd like to award.

    4. Set Type to "Tiers"

  2. Configuring Look-Back Period and Commission Basis:

    1. Select a preferred look-back period (e.g., 30, 60 days).

    2. Choose the commission basis: "Total Sales" or "Total Orders."

    NOTE: Look back period refers to the timeframe (in days) the system checks to add up total sales or total orders to decide the tier for a referral

  3. Selecting Commission Type:

    1. Choose between "Percentage of Sale" or "Fixed Amount.

  4. Creating Tiers:

    1. Add tiers based on order value


      Tier 1: $0 - $1000 -> 10% Reward

      Tier 2: $1000-$2,000 -> 15% Reward

  5. Approval Method and Recurring Rewards:

    1. Choose the approval method: Manual or Auto Approve.

    2. Decide on recurring rewards for subsequent purchases within a specified timeframe.

  6. Payment Method:

    1. Choose the payment method for rewards (e.g., Paypal and/or Venmo).


By setting up Tiered Referral Rewards in Roster, you create a tailored, rewarding experience for affiliates. Customize tiers, approval processes, and payment methods to align with your business goals. For further assistance or questions, contact our support team.

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