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Adding referral reward overrides
Adding referral reward overrides
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What are referral reward overrides?

Referral reward overrides enable brands to offer different reward amounts to program members, based on contact tags. For example, if a brand's Ambassador program offers 10% referral commissions, the brand could create an override that gives 15% commissions to program members who have the Top Referrer contact tag.

How are referral overrides different from referral tiers?

Referral overrides are like tiers in the sense that you can have multiple overrides within a single program, creating a tiered structure. However, overrides is different from Roster's referral tier feature.

Referral tiers automatically move ambassadors up and down in tiers based on the performance rules defined in the referral settings.

Example of Referral Tiers

Example of referral tiers

Example of Referral Overrides

Setting up referral overrides

Referral overrides are configured within a program's referral commission and/or referral points settings. Overrides are available for both Percentage of Sale and Fixed Amount types.

  1. Navigate to Program Settings for the desired program.

  2. Click to edit the program's Referral Commissions settings or Referral Points settings

  3. Confirm the Type is either Percentage of Sale or Fixed Amount. Overrides are not available when the type is Tiers.

  4. Click Add an override

  5. Select one or more contact tags. All contacts with any one of the selected tags will be eligible for the override amount. You can add, edit, and delete tags in Brand Settings > Contact Tags.

  6. Enter the override amount.

  7. Optionally add more overrides amounts.

  8. Save the referral settings.

Understanding the ambassadors' experience

When an ambassador who is eligible for referral overrides views their account in the ambassador portal, they will see the override amount instead of the program's default amount. Likewise, when they view referral commissions that were earned while eligible for a referral override, they will see the override amount.

Examples Use Cases

There are dozens of uses cases for which referral overrides can be of value, but here are a few ideas to get the ideas flowing:

  • You have a specific ambassador who you have contractually agreed to pay a higher percentage. Simply tag the ambassador and create an override with the agreed upon amount.

  • You want to create several commission tiers within the same program but want to have fixed amounts instead of using Roster's dynamic Referral Tiers feature. Set up the tiers are multiple overrides and tag your program members accordingly.

  • You want to temporarily offer select program members a higher commission (e.g. during BFCM) but you don't want all program members to be eligible. Create an override and tag the customers who qualify. When the promotion is over, remove the tags from the ambassadors.

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