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Referral Commissions Explained
Referral Commissions Explained

Refer to the following information to better understand your referral commissions within the ambassador portal:

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  • Commissions Count: the total number of commission rewards tracked for your ambassador account.

  • Pending: shows the total amount of Approved commissions that haven't been paid yet. The brand can either have the system auto approve commissions or manually approve them.

  • Paid: the total amount you have been paid in commissions to date

  • Table data: this displays all Approved and Paid commissions with the Source being how the commission originated. For example: by referral link or discount code.
    ​NOTE: Some orders will come through as "Personal" orders. There are two ways an order can be marked as a personal order instead of a referred order:

    1. The purchaser is an ambassador in a program in Roster (matched via email)

    2. The purchaser used a reward code that they received in Roster (e.g. a code for unlocking a milestone, or a program-level personal discount code)

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