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Streamlining Advocate Payments with Roster's PayPal Payouts Integration
Streamlining Advocate Payments with Roster's PayPal Payouts Integration
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Rewarding advocates for the referrals they generate is a powerful way to reinforce their value to your brand. Roster simplifies this process, allowing you to focus on nurturing your advocate communities. This guide concentrates on leveraging the PayPal Payouts integration to automate payment processes. If manual payments are your preference, refer to the guide on Sending Payments Manually


    • Familiarize yourself with the basics of setting up and managing referral reward programs.

    • Ensure seamless integration with PayPal Payouts to facilitate automated payments.

  • Add Funds to your PayPal Account:

    • Maintain a balance in your PayPal account to cover payment amounts and associated fees.

  • Request Payment Info from Advocates:

    • Advocates must provide their preferred payment method before receiving payments.

Detailed Steps:

  1. Add Funds to your PayPal Account:

    PayPal mandates a sufficient balance to cover payments and fees. Ensure your account has the necessary funds to avoid batch failures. Regularly check your PayPal balance before initiating payments through Roster. For a detailed understanding of PayPal Payout fees, Learn more about PayPal Payout fees.

  2. Request Payment Info from Advocates:

    Advocates need to share their payment details before receiving rewards. Roster provides multiple prompting methods:

    1. Request Payment Info Email:

      • Initiate requests individually or in bulk through the Unpaid tab, using the mail icon for personalized prompts.

      • You can also initiate the email from the ambassador's contact page.

  3. Sending Payments via PayPal and Venmo:

    Integrating PayPal Payouts with Roster streamlines advocate payments and offers the added benefit of Venmo wallet compatibility.

  • Step 1: Select Advocates to Pay:

    • Navigate to Payments and filter advocates based on criteria such as payment method.

    • Confirm sufficient funds in your PayPal account and select advocates to pay.

    • Choose "Send PayPal & Venmo Payments" after confirmation.

  • Step 2: Send Payments to PayPal:

    • The modal dialog confirms key details like the number of ambassadors selected for the payout, the number of rewards, and the total amount. If a Payment Password is set up, it's entered here (different from your PayPal password).

  • Step 3: Downloading Payments CSV:

    • Access the Paid tab to view sent payments and in the top left corner click Export for an exported CSV file containing comprehensive record-keeping.

  • Payment Batch:

    • Understand the batch concept for efficient management. Copy the Payment Batch identifier for exporting specific payment sets.


By following these detailed steps, you'll optimize your advocate payment processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your advocates. For additional assistance, explore further resources on Understanding PayPal Payment Statuses and Troubleshooting PayPal Payouts Issues. Elevate your advocate engagement through Roster's efficient PayPal Payouts integration.

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