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Understanding PayPal/Venmo Payment Statuses
Understanding PayPal/Venmo Payment Statuses
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Navigating the complexities of payment statuses is a crucial aspect of managing digital transactions. In Roster, understanding the various PayPal and Venmo payment statuses is key to effectively overseeing your advocate reward programs. This guide aims to demystify these statuses, providing clear insights into what each status means and the actions you may need to take.


  • Definition: This status appears when a payout request is received by PayPal or Venmo and is awaiting processing.

  • Action Required: Typically, no action is needed from your end; the payment is in the process of being completed.


  • Definition: The 'Paid' status confirms that the funds have successfully been credited to the recipient's account.

  • Action Required: No further action is required, as the payment has been completed.


  • Definition: This status is assigned when the recipient does not have a PayPal account, and a payout remains unclaimed.

  • Action Required: Inform the recipient about the unclaimed payment. If it remains unclaimed for 30 days, the funds are returned to your account.

On Hold

  • Definition: A payout request is under review and temporarily on hold.

  • Action Required: Monitor the status; you may need to provide additional information to PayPal/Venmo if requested.


  • Definition: This indicates a payout request has been blocked.

  • Action Required: Investigate the reason for the block and address any issues. You may need to contact PayPal/Venmo support for resolution.


  • Definition: This status means the payout request has failed, and no funds were deducted.

  • Action Required: Review the payment details for errors and attempt the transaction again if necessary.


  • Definition: If a payout remains unclaimed, the funds are eventually returned to your account.

  • Action Required: No action is usually required; however, you may choose to reach out to the recipient or attempt a new payment.


Understanding these PayPal and Venmo payment statuses in Roster is essential for efficient management of your payment processes. It helps in ensuring transparency and quick resolution of payment issues, contributing to a smoother experience for both your brand and its advocates. With this knowledge, you can effectively navigate the intricacies of digital payments in your advocacy programs.

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