PayPal Payouts requires that funds exist in the sender's account prior to initiating a payout. Before issuing a payout in Roster, you will need to transfer money from your bank account into your PayPal balance. The balance will need to cover the total amount of the payments, as well as PayPal's fee.

Roster Brand Portal

  • Create a new Program (or use an existing program that doesn't have any program members)

  • Add yourself to the new Program

  • Add PayPal and/or Venmo as payment methods

  • Enable Referral Rewards for the Program

b) Log into your Advocate Portal using the same email address that you use to log into the Brand Portal.

Tip: You can get the link to your Advocate Portal in Settings > Brand Settings

c) Follow the in-app notification to add your preferred payment method

Note: Only advocates who are in a Program with Referral Rewards enabled will be prompted to add their payment info.

d) In the Brand Portal, navigate to the Referral Rewards page

e) Create a manual reward for a small amount (e.g. $2.00) and add yourself as the advocate

f) Approve the manual reward

g) Navigate to the Payments page

h) On the Unpaid tab, select yourself from the list

i) Select the Send PayPal & Venmo Payments bulk action

j) Provide the required information in the Send PayPal & Venmo Payment dialog

k) Send the payment.

l) Confirm that the payment was sent to your PayPal or Venmo account.

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