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PayPal Payouts Overview

PayPal is the most widely adopted payment service for sending payments to advocates, influencers, and affiliates. PayPal's Payouts feature makes it extremely simple to send payments to multiple recipients at the same time. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to send PayPal and Venmo payments within Roster.


If you are new to PayPal Payouts, you might find it helpful to read this overview and understand PayPay's prerequisites. It is also important to understand that there are three different methods in Payouts to send money to payees:

  1. Payouts API

  2. Web Interface

  3. CSV Upload via Secure FTP

This guide will focus on the first method, Payouts API, and will walk you through the steps you need to integrate PayPal Payouts with Roster. Refer to PayPal's website to learn more about using PayPal's Web Interface and CSV Upload via Secure FTP options.

Integrate the Payouts API in Roster

The following these steps will guide you through enabling the Payouts API, creating a PayPal Developer app, and adding your Payouts API credentials in Roster.

Step 1: Enable Payouts API

a) Log into the PayPal Developer portal. This is different from the main PayPal website.

b) Navigate to My Account

c) Scroll down and click Enable on the row for Payouts under the Live column

d) Review the requirements for getting access to the Live Payouts API and click Continue.

e) It can take several hours or days for PayPal to enable Payouts. Once approved, Payouts will show a green checkmark in the Live column.

PayPal now also has an automated Payouts review process. Follow this link to go through the process:

Note: PayPal will email you when your account has been approved for the Payouts API. If you don't hear from PayPal within a week, log into PayPal and submit a support ticket.

f) Proceed to Step 2, even if the Payouts does not show a green checkmark.

Step 2: Create a Live App

The next step is to create what PayPal refers to as a Live App. This App will provide the API Credentials necessary for Roster to process your payout requests from within the Roster Brand Portal.

a) In PayPal Developer, go to My Apps & Credentials, and then switch to the Live tab.

Note: It is important that you perform the following actions on the Live tab and not the Sandbox tab.

b) Click Create App to create a new Live App

c) Provide the required Application Details for the new App

  • Name: Roster

d) Keep this tab open as you will need to refer to it again in Step 3.

Step 3: Add PayPal Credentials to Roster

a) In the Roster Brand Portal, navigate to Settings > Integrations. Scroll to the PayPal integration and click the Add PayPal Credentials button.

b) In the PayPal Developer console, copy the Client ID from your Live API Credentials in PayPal

c) Paste the Client ID into Roster

d) Copy the Secret from your Live API Credentials in PayPal

e) Paste the Secret into Roster

f) Create a secure Payment Password and accept the terms and conditions. Be sure to store this password in a secure place, such as a password manager, as it cannot be reset.

Note: The Payment Password should NOT be the same as your PayPal password. This is a password you will be required to enter every time you initiate a PayPal Payouts payment within Roster.

g) Click Save to save your PayPal API Credentials. The PayPal Integration section will now display a Remove PayPal Credentials button, indicating the credentials have been securely stored.

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