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Referral Payments Overview
Referral Payments Overview
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Referral Payments Overview:

Paying advocates for referrals they drive reinforces the value they provide to your brand. Roster simplifies the process of tracking referrals and sending payments so that you can spend more time focusing on growing your advocate communities.

Roster supports two approaches for handling payments:

1) Sending payments via the PayPal and Venmo integration

2) Sending payments manually

Sending Payments via PayPal and Venmo

Sending payments via PayPal and Venmo is fully integrated into the Roster platform. Simply connect your PayPal account, select which advocates you want to pay, and Roster's integration with PayPal will do the rest. When speed and convenience are paramount, PayPal Payouts can be a perfect fit. View the PayPal payments guide

Sending Payments Manually

In situations where PayPal is not a viable option, brands can leverage, track and manage payment statuses in Roster, but process the payments outside of Roster. Options for paying outside of Roster include using your existing payroll service, paying via store credit, or using your bank's mass payment feature. When more control of payments is required, manual payments is a great option. View the manual payments guide

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