When viewing the list of payments in Roster, you will notice a status for each advocate payment. For the vast majority of payments, the status will be Pending or Paid.

The following list explains what each of the statuses mean, as well as what action you might need to take to address undeliverable payments.

  • Pending - The payout request was received and will be processed.

  • Paid - Funds have been credited to the recipient's account.

  • Unclaimed - The recipient for this payout does not have a PayPal account. A link to sign up for a PayPal account was sent to the recipient. However, if the recipient does not claim this payout within 30 days, the funds are returned to your account.

  • On Hold - This payout request is being reviewed and is on hold.

  • Blocked - This payout request has been blocked.

For payments with the following statuses, the payments will not be sent to the recipient and the funds are in your PayPal account.

  • Failed - This payout request has failed, so funds were not deducted from the sender’s account.

  • Returned - The recipient has not claimed this payout, so the funds have been returned to your account.

  • Refunded - This payout request was refunded.

  • Reversed - This payout request was reversed.

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