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Tag Program Members in Shopify
Tag Program Members in Shopify
Written by Libby Serra
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It is not uncommon for brands to give special treatment to their various advocacy communities. For example, it is common for outdoor and action sports brands to offer pro deals, exclusive products, and free shipping to the athletes in their pro programs. Health and wellness brands often provide industry experts, practitioners, and coaches with VIP access to products that help spread the word about their unique offerings.

Wouldn't it be great if you could seamlessly view all your Roster program members within your Shopify admin and thereby offer customized shopping experiences? By enabling the Shopify Tags feature in Roster, program members in Roster will automatically synchronize with their corresponding Shopify customer records. This automation opens the door for countless opportunities to demonstrate to your advocates how much you appreciate them, not just with words, but with insider-only discounts, products, and shipping.

Enable Shopify Tags

Shopify Tags in Roster are configured at the Program level, allowing you to enable the integration for specific programs. By default, Shopify Tags is disabled. You can enable the feature by navigating to Programs > Program Settings for the desired program. Scroll to the Integrations section, and turn on Tag Shopify Customers.

Once enabled, Roster will automatically sync all program members with their corresponding Shopify customer record by tagging the Shopify customer records with the Program Key. For example, referring to the screenshot above, all members of this Ambassador program would be tagged with `wooly-ambassadors-85`. See Understanding the Program Key for more details about the Program Key.

Roster also create a tab on the Customers page for the based on the program key, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Add New Customers in Shopify

When Shopify Tags is enabled, if a program member doesn't existing in Shopify (based on email address), you can enable Roster to automatically create a new customer in Shopify using the program member's name and email address. This will ensure that if the customer signs into your store and/or creates an order, any customized experience you have created will be automatically applied.

Create Custom Shopping Experiences

It is not uncommon for brands to offer special perks to people participating in their advocacy programs, such as offering pro deals to athletes, insider-only products to brand ambassadors, and deep discounts with free shipping to influencers and industry experts.

By automatically adding Shopify Tags to your Roster program members, you can leverage a wide range of Shopify features and plugins to automate surprise and delight for your most loyal and valuable customers.

  • Store-wide or product-specific pricing

  • Customized volume pricing for program members

  • Discounted or free shipping for program members

  • Exclusive products only visible to program members

  • Personalized banner messages only displayed to program members

Chances are good that you are already using one or more plugins that can take advantage of the Shopify Tags feature, but here are a few of the plugins we have found that support the examples listed above:

Let us know if you need help getting started with customizing your advocates' shopping experience and let us know what ideas you are experimenting with to build a strong, vibrant influencer and ambassador community.

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