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Creating Discount Rules in Shopify and Roster
Creating Discount Rules in Shopify and Roster
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This article will show Shopify users how to create a Discount in Shopify and then pull it into Roster so customers can create their own custom codes.

STEP 1: Create Discount Code

  • In your Shopify account, create a general discount code.

    • This Shopify discount will be like your Master Code, where EACH ambassador code created in Roster will reflect the same discount parameters as the Master Code you created in Shopify.

    • **You can name the discount something like "Ambassador Discount." This is not the discount name your ambassadors will see, it just sets up the discount rule that will be pulled into Roster. You will create individual codes within the Roster platform.

*Important Note: We currently support the "Fixed amount" and "Percentage" discount types so be sure to setup your discount using one of those.

*Important Note re Usage Limits: It's common to want to limit a reward code for an advocate to a one-time use. For example, a one-time use, 50% off reward code as an incentive for completing a campaign. If this is the case, be sure to set up your code in Shopify to reflect the following limits, (see image below). Roster will be sure that every reward code that is issued to your advocates works this way and you don't have to worry about this setting limiting the whole group to one use total.

Step 2: Find the Discount you just created in Roster

  • In Roster, Go to Settings > Discount Rules

  • Click “New Discount Rule”

  • Name the Discount Rule (you can assign a specific name to individual ambassadors later, just use a general one for this step)

  • For example: Ambassador 25%

  • Under “Shopify Price Rule,” find the code you created in Shopify

  • Create a "Public Discount Title" which will be visible to customers

  • Write a description so they know what the discount code is for

  • Check the checkbox under the description if this discount rule will be available for anyone who comes into your brand portal

    • Important Note: checking this box will make the discount rule available to everyone who logs into your branded portal. So if you want this rule to have limited access leave it unchecked.

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