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Setting Up Manual Discount Codes
Setting Up Manual Discount Codes
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This guide is tailored for brands utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) platforms other than Shopify, aiming to effectively assign, distribute, and monitor discount codes. By following the steps outlined below, your brand can seamlessly manage discount codes and enhance engagement with your advocates.

Step 1: Installing the Tracking Pixel

Before diving into discount code management, it's essential to set up a tracking pixel on your brand's website. This pixel enables you to monitor the performance of the discount codes allocated to your ambassadors. For detailed instructions, refer to this step-by-step guide on how to install a tracking pixel.

Step 2: Creating Discount Rules in Roster

Within the Roster platform, navigate to Settings > Discount Rules. Click on "New Discount Rule" and assign a name to the rule. For instance, "Ambassador 25%" for a general rule. Complete the necessary fields to define the rules for the discount code.

Step 3: Generating Discount Codes in Your CRM

Generate discount codes for individual advocates using your CRM, adhering to your usual process. If your brand employs WooCommerce, consult "How to Bulk Generate Coupons." Alternatively, for Magento users, follow the guide on "Generating a Batch of Coupons."

Step 4: Auto-Assigning or Manually Distributing Codes

Option 1: Auto-Assigning Pre-Generated Codes

Auto-assigning codes is particularly valuable for non-Shopify brands aiming to automate discount code distribution. This method is also useful for collaborations with other brands where advocates receive codes for partner websites. Follow these steps:

1. Export the codes generated in Step 3 to a CSV file with a "Code" column.

2. Add these codes to the manual discount rule by selecting "Add Codes" in Roster and uploading the CSV. (Here is a CSV Template if you need one)

3. Set up an automatic reminder for adding more codes when needed.

Option 2: Manually Assigning Custom Vanity Codes

This approach is ideal for granting specific individuals, like influencers, custom vanity codes. Follow these steps:

1. Access the Contact Profile in Roster.

2. Scroll down to "Discounts" and click "Assign Code."

3. Choose the Discount Rule and input the custom code created in your CRM.

Step 5: Distributing Codes within Roster

Upon logging into their Ambassador Portal and visiting the Discount Codes & Links section, ambassadors will automatically view their assigned code. To ensure visibility, consider distributing codes via email or campaign briefs.

Distributing via Email:

After an ambassador's profile is assigned a code, send a personalized email containing their individual code. Under "Personalize" and "DiscountRules," select the desired discount rule, and the code will be displayed in the email.

Distributing via Campaign Brief:

During Step 2 of campaign creation, within "Campaign Brief," select "Add Rule" under "Discount & Promo Codes." Choose the applicable discount rule to display each ambassador's assigned code. The "Campaign Members" section indicates who possesses an assigned code. Generate codes for those without codes before launching the campaign.


By following these steps, brands utilizing CRMs other than Shopify can streamline the process of assigning, distributing, and tracking discount codes. This comprehensive guide ensures smooth implementation, enhances advocate engagement, and ultimately contributes to the brand's success.

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