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Using Shopify Buy X, Get Y Discount Codes
Using Shopify Buy X, Get Y Discount Codes
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For brands operating on Shopify, the ability to provide customized discount codes with specific rules is crucial for running effective marketing campaigns and partnerships. This guide outlines a step-by-step process to help brands assign, distribute, and track discount codes with unique rules beyond simple percentage or dollar amount reductions. Whether you're looking to offer Buy X, Get Y promotions or collaborate with other brands to empower advocates, these instructions will navigate you through the process seamlessly.

Step 1: Creating Discount Rules in Roster

  • 1. Access Roster's Discount Rules:

    • Log in to your Roster account.

    • Navigate to Settings and select Discount Rules.

  • 2 Generate a New Discount Rule:

    • Click "New Discount Rule" to initiate the creation process.

  • 3. Define the Discount Rule:

    • Assign a descriptive name to the discount rule (e.g., "25% Ambassador Discount").

    • Fill in the necessary fields to accurately represent the rules of the discount code.

Step 2: Generating Discount Codes in Shopify

  • 1. Access Shopify Admin Portal:

    • Log in to your Shopify admin portal.

  • 2. Bulk Create Discount Codes:

Step 3: Assigning Pre-generated Codes to Advocates

  • 1. Export Codes to CSV:

    • Export the list of generated discount codes to a CSV file. Ensure that there's a dedicated column for the codes.

  • 2. Import Codes to Manual Discount Rule:

    • Within the Roster Discount Rules section, locate the created discount rule.

    • Select "Import" and proceed to upload the CSV file containing the codes. (A CSV Template is provided if needed.)

  • 3. Set Up Automated Reminder:

    • Enable an automatic reminder to receive notifications for adding more codes when required.

  • 4. Associate Discount Rule with Campaign:

    • Link the discount rule to a campaign to grant advocates access to the pre-generated codes.

Step 4: Distributing Codes within Roster

  • 1. Distribute via Program:

    • Choose the "Distribute via Program" option to make the Discount Rule available to all members of the program.

  • 2. Distribute via Campaign:

    • In the campaign setup process, proceed to Step 2.

    • Under "Discount & Promo Codes," select "Add Rule."

    • Pick the Discount Rule that advocates should have access to.

When advocates join the campaign, they will see a button to generate their assigned code.


Effectively managing discount codes with unique rules on Shopify is a powerful strategy for brands aiming to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. By leveraging the comprehensive process outlined in this guide, brands can seamlessly create, assign, and distribute custom discount codes through Roster and Shopify, enabling successful marketing campaigns, collaborations, and advocate programs. Following these steps will empower brands to offer attractive promotions that cater to specific customer segments and partnerships.

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