This article will serve as a guide to those brands who are on Shopify and would like to assign, distribute, and track discount codes with unique rules outside of % or $ off like Buy X, Get Y offers. You could also follow these instructions if you are collaborating with another brand and you want to give your advocates a discount code to their site.

Step 1: Create Discount Rule in Roster

  • In Roster, Go to Settings > Discount Rules

  • Click “New Discount Rule” and create a manual discount rule

  • Name the Discount Rule

  • For example: 25% Ambassador Discount

  • Finish filling out the fields to reflect the discount code's rules

Step 2: Create Discount Codes in Shopify

  • Go to your Shopify admin portal to bulk create discount codes with your desired discount settings.

  • There are plugins such as Bulk Discount Code Generator you can use for this.

Step 3: Assign Pre-generated Codes to your Advocates

  • Export the list of codes you created in step 2 to a CSV. The CSV must have a column that has the codes.

  • Add codes to the manual discount rule by clicking Add Codes. Then upload your CSV. (Here is a CSV Template if you need one)

  • Turn on an automatic reminder to get alerted when you need to add more codes to the system.

  • Add the discount rule to a campaign in order to give your advocates access to one of the pre-generated codes

Step 4: Distribute Codes within Roster


  • Select the Discount Rule to give all Program Members access to the offer


  • On Step 2 of a Campaign, choose “Add Rule” under “Discount & Promo Codes”

  • Select the Discount Rule you want to give access to. When advocates join the campaign, they will see a button to generate a code.

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