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How to Automatically Apply a Shareable Discount Code to Referral Links on Shopify
How to Automatically Apply a Shareable Discount Code to Referral Links on Shopify
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Shopify brands can now configure referral links to auto apply the advocate’s shareable discount code!


By sharing their referral links and shareable codes, ambassadors and influencers drive word-of-mouth sales. Referral links have the advantage of a 30-day cookie, extending the attribution window. But the drawback with most referral links is that they don’t offer a discount to friends, family members, or followers who click the link.

But now for Shopify brands using Roster, it's possible to auto apply a program's sharable discount code to an advocates referral link. Prospective customers will have even more motivation to purchase after clicking a referral link! Read on to see how!

Step 1

Go to Programs tab in the main navigation in the Brand Portal. Select which program you would like to enable this feature and click Settings.

Step 2

Scroll down to Discounts & Perks portion of Program Settings and toggle Automatically Apply Shareable Discount Code to on.

Step 3

Now, whenever contacts within that Program use their referral link, it will automagically add the sharable discount code at checkout. In this example, the Friends and Family discount.

You're all set! Now, whenever that referral link is used, it will automagically apply the sharable discount associated in the program to the shopping cart within your Shopify store!

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