Distributing Discount Codes
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This video will show you how you can distribute discount codes to your advocates in the Roster platform.

Be sure that you've already set up a Discount Rule in Roster. If you haven't done so yet, go back to this article and set up your first Discount Rule.

There are 3 ways you can distribute discount codes to advocates within Roster:

1. Programs

Within a Program's settings, there is a section called Discounts & Perks. There are 2 placeholders for discounts you can offer program members: Sharable Discounts and Personal Discounts. Click the dropdown box to select from the Discount Rules you have already set up, OR create a new Discount Rule. See screenshot below for more detail.

Setting up Discounts under a Program's settings will allow all program members to access an individual discount code with the parameters established on the Discount Rule level.

If you are on Shopify, the Sharable Discount Code rule will allow for ambassadors to create their own custom code to start sharing.

2. Campaigns

On the campaign level, you can set up an automated discount incentive for either joining or completing a campaign.

Within the Campaign Brief (Step 2), click Add Reward and select Discount Code reward. Select the Discount Rule from the dropdown and from there you can select an existing code that has already been created in Roster or you can create a new one.

If you select to create a new Discount Code you will see the following pop-up (see pic below). From here you can decide the rules you want for this discount code.

3. Individual Profiles

If you want to manually assign custom vanity codes to a select group of advocates (such as influencers), go to a Contact Profile within Roster, scroll down to “Discounts and Links” (on the right), click “Assign Code.” Select the Discount Rule and type in the code you created in your CRM. Now that code will be associated with that Contact Profile.

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