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Streamlining Access with Magic Links in Roster: A User-Friendly Guide
Streamlining Access with Magic Links in Roster: A User-Friendly Guide

A much easier way to manage your ambassadors is with passwordless login. Create a custom link to protect and grant access to your contacts.

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Discover the efficiency and simplicity of magic links in Roster, the revolutionary login tool that enhances the advocate experience. Explore what magic links are, learn how to use them, and delve into the myriad benefits they bring to Roster users.

What are Magic Links?

Magic links in Roster redefine the conventional login process. Rather than advocates creating passwords, Roster generates unique identifiers in the form of links. These links grant exclusive access to an advocate's account, ensuring security and simplicity.

How to Use Magic Links

Using magic links is a breeze. Once an advocate is added to the Roster Platform, a unique link is automatically generated. Invitations to join the advocate program are accompanied by an email containing the advocate's unique login link, also known as the "magic link." Advocates can effortlessly access their portal without the need for password memorization, only requiring the email address used during the application process.

Benefits of Magic Links in Roster

  • Effortless Onboarding: Streamline the onboarding process for advocates by eliminating the need for password creation.

  • Enhanced User Experience: Advocates enjoy a seamless experience without the hassle of remembering passwords, reducing login issues and contributing to overall satisfaction.

  • Accessible Information: Magic links facilitate access to the advocate portal for checking points, payouts, campaigns, and actions. Brands can include these links in communications to encourage user engagement.

How to send an ambassador their Magic Link:


Q: What if I need to change my account information?

A: For secure account changes, a verification code is sent to the email address on file. Once verified, advocates can easily update their account information.

Q: What if someone forgets their link?

A: Magic links can be included in all brand communications, ensuring advocates always have a convenient way to access their accounts. Dynamic fields within the Roster platform enable personalized login links.

Q: What if my email address changes?

A: Advocates can update their email addresses within the platform by logging in with their magic link. The process includes identity verification to ensure security.

Embrace the future of advocate management with Roster's magic links, where simplicity meets security for a user-friendly experience.

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