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Understanding the Program Key
Understanding the Program Key
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The Program Key is used to uniquely identify a Roster program when integrating with 3rd party applications, such as Shopify and Klaviyo. When a program is initially created, Roster automatically generates a the program key using the program's name. The word "Roster" is prepended to the program key to make it easily identifiable as a Roster value from within 3rd party applications. For example, if you were to create a program called Ambassadors, the program key would be something like `roster-ambassadors-85`, where 85 is a suffix automatically appended to the key to ensure uniqueness.

To view a program's key, navigate to Programs > Program Settings > Integrations.

When integrating Roster with a 3rd party application, the program key can be used as a unique, yet visually recognizable program identifier. For example, if a program was integrated with Shopify, a program member's Shopify customer record would include the program key as a customer tag, as illustrated below.

Changing the Program Key

You can change a program's key, but you should do so sparingly and with caution. Changing the program key will not automatically update the program key within your integrated 3rd party applications. For example, if you change a program's key from `roster-ambassadors-85` to `roster-ambassadors-new-85` existing Shopify customers tagged with `roster-ambassadors-85` will need to be manually updated within Shopify to remove the old program key and add the new program key.

To change a program's key, navigate Programs > Program Settings > Integrations. Click the edit icon and specify the new key value. Only the middle portion of the key is editable. Only letters, numbers, and a dash ("-") are allowed. Data that is synchronized between Roster and the 3rd party application after you have changed the program key will use the new program key.

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