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Elevating Customer Advocacy: Seamlessly Integrating Roster Programs with Shopify for Personalized Shopping Experiences
Elevating Customer Advocacy: Seamlessly Integrating Roster Programs with Shopify for Personalized Shopping Experiences
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In the dynamic landscape of brand advocacy, fostering strong relationships with your community is paramount. Many successful brands go beyond mere words, offering exclusive benefits to their advocacy communities. Outdoor and action sports brands extend pro deals, while health and wellness brands provide VIP access to industry experts. Imagine having the ability to effortlessly manage and appreciate your Roster program members directly from your Shopify admin. The integration of Shopify Tags within Roster opens up a world of opportunities to tailor shopping experiences for your advocates.

Enabling Shopify Tags in Roster:

Shopify Tags functionality in Roster is designed at the Program level, allowing you to selectively activate the integration for specific programs. By default, Shopify Tags are turned off, but you can enable this feature by navigating to Programs > Program Settings for your desired program. In the Integrations section, simply toggle on "Tag Shopify Customers." This automation synchronizes program members with their corresponding Shopify customer records by tagging them with the unique Program Key, such as roster-ambassadors-e3.

NOTE: See Understanding the Program Key for more details about the Program Key.

Automatic Customer Creation in Shopify:

With Shopify Tags enabled, Roster offers a seamless solution for program members not yet existing in Shopify. When a program member's email address is not found in Shopify, Roster can automatically create a new customer using the member's name and email address. This ensures that any customized experiences you've designed will be automatically applied when the customer signs in or places an order.

Add New Customers in Shopify

When Shopify Tags is enabled, if a program member doesn't exist in Shopify (based on email address), you can enable Roster to automatically create a new customer in Shopify using the program member's name and email address. This will ensure that if the customer signs into your store and/or creates an order, any customized experience you have created will be automatically applied.

Unlocking Custom Shopping Experiences

Enhance your advocacy program by leveraging Shopify Tags to unlock a variety of features and plugins, enabling automated surprise and delight for your most valued customers. Consider the following possibilities:

  1. Store-wide or Product-specific Pricing: Tailor pricing for your program members with special deals on specific products or across your entire inventory.

  2. Customized Volume Pricing: Offer tiered pricing based on the loyalty and engagement levels of your program members.

  3. Discounted or Free Shipping: Provide exclusive shipping benefits, making the shopping experience even more enticing.

  4. Exclusive Products Visibility: Showcase products exclusively to program members, creating a sense of exclusivity and value.

  5. Personalized Banner Messages: Craft banners or messages visible only to program

Supported Plugins:

Enhance your Shopify experience further by integrating with plugins that support the features listed above. Some notable examples include:

  1. Wholesale Pricing Discount: Implement wholesale pricing strategies for your program members.

  2. Klaviyo Email Marketing: Leverage Klaviyo to send personalized emails and promotions to your advocates.

  3. Privy Popups, Email, & SMS: Utilize Privy to create targeted pop-ups, emails, and SMS campaigns for your program members.


As you embark on customizing your advocates' shopping experience, the integration of Shopify Tags with Roster provides a powerful toolset. Experiment with these ideas to cultivate a strong, vibrant influencer and ambassador community that not only appreciates your brand's products but also feels valued through exclusive perks and tailored shopping experiences. If you need assistance in getting started, feel free to reach out, and let us know about the exciting ideas you're exploring to elevate your brand's advocacy programs.

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