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Once you embed a Roster Application on your site and begin recruitment for that program, you'll need to start reviewing applicant profiles with Roster. This article will show you how to review pending applications within Roster.

Where To Find Pending Applicants

Within the Programs section of Roster, you can see the number of pending applicants for each program. Click on the number to navigate to the pending applicants.

Pending applications can also be found on the Contacts tab under Applicants. The little number to the right of the Program name indicates how many applications are in the queue for that program.

Reviewing Applicants

Click on an applicant’s profile and you will be taken to their profile Summary page. On this page, you can see their general profile information such as location and social profiles and stats for the handles they applied with.

On the Content tab, you can see if the applicant has ever posted about your brand before*. This is a great way to see if they have engaged with your brand in the past. (*This is a Pro Package feature only)

On the Properties tab, you can review their answers to your application questions and decide if they are a good fit for your program.

Under the “ Notes” tab, you can add internal notes about their profile. This is a great way to leave notes on why you accepted or declined them.

Sorting/Filtering Applicants

  • Just as on the contacts page, you can apply filters to your list of applicants as well. It's a great way to sort for specific social networks, specific application answers, follower count, most recent applicants, etc.

Rejecting an Applicant

  • When you hit “reject” for an ambassador, their profile will be moved to Rejected and they will not be added to a program. **They will receive the program rejection email if it is turned on.**

Nominating an Applicant

  • By choosing “Nominate” the applicant's profile will go under the Nominated tab.

  • The applicant WILL NOT be notified of a nomination. It can only be viewed internally.

  • Nominating an applicant essentially bookmarks their profile into a separate tab that you can then come back to, or get another team member's approval on before accepting. This is a great feature if you are reviewing applications in batches.

  • Example: You only want to accept 50 ambassadors this month, but have 200 to review... use Nominate for those applicants you think are good, and then go back and review them again to narrow it down to 50.

Approving an Applicant

  • To approve an applicant, click the "Approve" button and use the dropdown to select the program you would like to place them in.

  • Based on how you set up the program, they will receive the appropriate acceptance emails and campaign invitations.

Once you have approved, rejected, or nominated an applicant, their profile will be moved from applicants to all contacts. You can search for their profile in the search bar there.

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