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Enhancing Campaign Quality with Manual Approval of Submissions
Enhancing Campaign Quality with Manual Approval of Submissions
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In order to maintain high-quality user-generated content (UGC) from your community, it's essential to have control over which campaign submissions meet the guidelines before granting credit to ambassadors. By enabling manual approval for campaign activities, your team gains the opportunity to review and approve submitted content before participants receive credit for completing the campaign. This article will guide you through the process of enabling manual approval, setting exceptions for certain users, reviewing pending submissions, and optimizing the ambassador portal experience.

Enabling Manual Approval:

  • By default, campaign activities are set to automatically approve submissions from participants. However, there are circumstances when you might want to manually review and approve content before providing credit. To enable manual approval for a campaign requirement, follow these steps:

    • Go to the campaign dashboard and locate the "Approval method" link.

    • Click on the link and change the setting to "Manual Approval."

Skipping Manual Approval for Certain Users:

  • If you have already established trust with certain ambassadors, you can configure the manual approval setting to automatically approve submissions from participants who have specific tags. This helps streamline the process and reduces the burden on your team. Follow these steps to set up exceptions for certain users:

    • Identify the trusted ambassadors and assign them specific tags.

    • Configure the manual approval setting to automatically approve submissions from participants with the selected tags.

    • Submissions from participants without any of the selected tags will go into pending and require approval or rejection.

Reviewing Pending Submissions:

  • When manual approval is enabled for a campaign, submitted content will default to pending status, awaiting review from your team. To review and process pending submissions, follow these steps:

    • Navigate to the Campaign Content tab on the dashboard.

    • Use the "Needs approval" filter to view only the submissions that need to be approved or rejected.

    • By approving a submission, the participant is immediately given credit for completing the campaign activity.

    • If the approved submission fulfills the final requirement of the campaign, the participant's status will be marked as completed, incentives will be awarded, and a "Thank You" email (if enabled) will be sent.

Rejecting a Submission:

  • In case a submission doesn't meet the campaign's guidelines, you have the option to reject it. When rejecting a submission, you can provide feedback on the reason for rejection and suggest improvements for the next submission. The participant will be notified by email and will have the opportunity to submit new content. Follow these steps to reject a submission:

    • Click on the submission to access its details.

    • Indicate the reason for rejection and provide additional feedback.

    • Notify the participant via email about the rejection and necessary improvements.

Bulk-Updating Multiple Pending Submissions:

  • If you have numerous pending submissions and want to expedite the approval process, you can bulk-approve or reject multiple submissions at once. To perform bulk updates, follow these steps:

    • Select the desired submissions from the pending list.

    • Use the actions feature to accept or reject multiple records simultaneously.

Ambassador Portal Experience:

  • Ambassadors who submit content for a campaign activity requiring manual approval will see a pending status indicating that their submission needs review.

  • If their submission is rejected, they can view the rejection reason and any additional feedback provided by your team. As long as the campaign is still active, ambassadors have the opportunity to re-submit new content for approval.

Subscribing to "Pending Submissions" Email Notifications:

  • To ensure participants don't have to wait too long for approval, you can subscribe to receive email notifications whenever there are new pending submissions. By staying updated, you can promptly review and process submissions, enhancing the overall campaign experience for participants.


Implementing manual approval for campaign submissions allows you to curate high-quality content and maintain brand consistency. By reviewing and providing feedback on submissions, you foster a stronger relationship with ambassadors and motivate them to deliver exceptional content. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can efficiently enable manual approval, set exceptions, review submissions, and enhance the ambassador portal experience for seamless campaign management.

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