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Actions - How to use them, and why
Actions - How to use them, and why
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An action is a key activity that your brand wants its ambassadors to undertake, offering them rewards in the form of points upon successful completion. Unlike campaigns, actions are designed to be swift and effortless tasks for your ambassadors to accomplish. They can be ongoing, allowing ambassadors to post regularly and earn points, providing an excellent means to enhance and sustain ambassador engagement.

Key Characteristics of Actions

  • Simplicity: Actions are streamlined, focusing on a single requirement. For instance, it could be as straightforward as posting an Instagram story, creating a TikTok video, or liking and following our latest post. The sole reward associated with actions is points, connected to milestones.

  • Flexibility: Creating actions is a breeze. You can choose from our predefined templates or craft your own custom actions tailored to your brand's specific needs. After selecting a template or designing a new action, you can further customize it as necessary.

  • Participant Preview: On the right-hand side of the screen, there is a "Participant Preview" section that displays how the action will appear to your ambassadors, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding.

Differences Between Campaigns and Actions


  • Campaigns: Typically run on a monthly schedule and are ideal for coordinating social posts with a marketing calendar.

  • Actions: Operate continuously and can be set to recur. For example, you can create an action for ambassadors to share an Instagram Story once a week, with points corresponding to the brand's perceived value of that activity.

Use Cases:

  • Campaigns: Primarily suited for specific promotional events, requiring campaign-specific terms, and offering the ability to provide detailed instructions. Campaigns can have multiple requirements.

  • Actions: Serve the purpose of providing ongoing opportunities for brand engagement, offering a wider array of action types and templates. They are excellent for collecting product feedback, generating product reviews, and increasing the visibility of social posts.


  • Campaigns: Can encompass one or more activities, with these activities being optional or required. Campaigns allow for flexibility in meeting requirements, such as choosing between an Instagram post, story, or reel.

  • Actions: Restrict each action to a single requirement, making it non-optional.

Rewards & Reward Triggers:

  • Campaigns: Offer a range of rewards, including points, discount codes, products, and custom rewards. Rewards can be granted upon joining a campaign or upon its completion.

  • Actions: Only provide points as rewards, and these points are awarded solely upon the successful completion of the action.

Campaigns vs. Actions Diagram



Intended Audience

  • All program types

  • Ambassadors

  • Super Fans

  • Customers

  • Industry Pros


  • Monthly

  • Continuously

Use Cases

  • Coordinating social posts with marketing calendar

  • The need for campaign-specific terms

  • The need to provide detailed directions/guidance

  • Bundle together multiple requirements

  • Activating new advocates

  • Providing ongoing opportunities to engage with your brand

  • More diverse set of action types and templates

  • Collect product feedback/input

  • Generate product reviews

  • Boost visibility of social posts

Planning time

  • Medium to Large

  • Small to Medium


  • A campaign can have one or more activities.

  • An activity can be optional or required

  • An activity can provide options to meet the requirement (e.g. IG Post or IG Story or IG Reel)

  • An action can only have one activity (e.g. submit a review)

  • An action doesn’t have options

Eligible Participants

  • Individual contacts

  • Whole Programs

  • Whole Programs

Submission Approval

  • Automatic approval

  • Manual approval

  • Automatic approval

  • Manual approval


  • Points

  • Discount codes

  • Products

  • Custom rewards

  • Points

Reward Triggers

  • Upon joining

  • Upon completion

  • Upon completion

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