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Customize Automated Program Emails
Customize Automated Program Emails
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When it comes to customizing emails for your brand's program, Program Settings offer a range of options to enhance communication with your ambassadors-to-be! Among these options, are four automated emails that you can set up to be triggered and sent at specific stages of the application process. By tailoring these emails to your brand's unique voice and requirements, you can create a personalized and engaging experience for your applicants and new program members.

Customizing the Emails

Customizing the emails for your brand's program is quick and easy.

To get started, simply click the Edit & Preview button to the right of the emails title. From there, choose the email address you want these emails to come from. Make sure the selected email address is associated with a real inbox to handle any replies.

Next, update the Subject Line and Email Body. You have the freedom to use Personalization tokens for a personalized touch. These tokens allow you to dynamically insert relevant information, such as the applicant's name or program details, into the emails.

But why stop there? You can also edit the Email Template to match your brand's aesthetics. Add your logo in the top left corner, include a captivating hero image, and adjust the colors of the Header, Button, and Button font to align with your brand.

With our user-friendly customization tools, you can effortlessly personalize and enhance your emails. Make a lasting impression with emails that are tailored to your brand and engage your applicants and members effectively.

Now let's talk about the four different options of automated emails you can have sent to your applicants!

Application Received Email

The Application Received Email is triggered when an application is submitted this ONLY HAPENS when the manual approval process is enabled. This email is only in use when the brand desires an application to go through a manual review instead of being automatically approved.

Application Approved Email

The Application Approved Email is triggered either when an applicant is manually approved into the program or when the approval process is configured to automatically accept all applicants. As this email serves as the first communication regarding their acceptance, it presents a great opportunity to customize it and generate excitement among new members about joining the program. It is recommended to include information about the next steps they should take as new members. Additionally, this email features a button that allows them to easily create their Roster profile. Personalizing this email will create a positive impression and provide important guidance to new members as they embark on their journey in the program.

Application Rejected Email

When turned on, this email will be sent whenever you decline an application.

Manually Added to Program

When turned on, this email will be sent when a contact is manually added to a program. For example, if you have an existing ambassador list to upload into Roster and you add them to this program, this is the email they'll receive. Most brands will treat it like a welcome email with a button to the portal to get them onboarded.

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