This video will walk through how to customize your application prior to publishing it on your website.

Your application form can be found within the Program Settings of the Program you'd like to create an application for. You can have an application for each of your Programs OR just have one application for multiple programs and as you vet applicants, you can review the profiles and put them in the program they best fit into.

Under Programs, click Settings for the Program whose application you wish to create. Then click Edit & Preview to start customizing the application.

On the lefthand side, you can select certain sections like Location and Social Profile Information as required or not required.

Under Location, you can also select whether you want to collect their basic information or full address on the application.

Custom Questions is the section where you can add any additional questions you'd like that are specific to your brand and will help you further vet the applicant prior to approving/rejecting.

Click Add Question, then click Add New Property to create a brand new question. Under Public Label, type the question (this is the text the applicant will see). You have the option of adding an Internal Label if you want to shorten the text when reading their application. Then select from the Field Type option for how they should answer the question.

Field Types:

  • Single & Multi-line Text - gives them a small or large box to type out an answer in their own words

  • Dropdown or Radio Button List - allows them to select one from a list of answer options

  • Checkbox List - allows them to select multiple answers from a list of options

Checkbox Options

  • Required on Forms - selecting this checkbox will force applicants to answer this question in order to submit the application

  • Searchable within Contacts - selecting this will allow you to filter your Contacts for a specific answer to this question

  • Show in Contact Properties - selecting this will put this property in the contact properties section of a profile (it will be on the front page of their profile versus on the Properties tab)

Once your application looks the way you want it to, you will click Get Embed Code and use this code to publish on a page on your site!

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