What Makes A Great Application Page
Written by Libby Serra
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In order to generate high-quality applicants to your program, you will need to build an eye-catching application page on your website. This page will be your potential applicants’ first impression of the entire program and may be the deciding factor in whether or not they will apply. This article will give you a breakdown of the components we have seen to be the most effective and important to include on your application page.

A great application page has the following:

Communicates the Program Mission

Explaining the purpose of the program and the role potential ambassadors will play will get them emotionally invested in your cause and allow them to understand why your program exists. Your program mission should directly relate to your brand mission.

Sets Expectations

Outline the expectations of program members by establishing the incentives, and level of commitment expected in the program. Stating them on the application form will help you find the best people for your program and ensure that those applying understand what they’re going to get involved in.

Make it clear to the potential ambassador what’s in it for them. Tease the incentives without giving them all away (in case you make any small changes throughout the year or if the incentives vary from person to person in some way!)

Layout their responsibilities from the start.


Should your ambassadors already be a customer? Are you looking for specific qualities or characteristics? Does location matter? Do they need a certain number of followers or social platforms? Include details about what you’re looking for in an ambassador.

Customized Look and Feel

The more branded your ambassador program is, the more likely your ambassadors will feel part of an exclusive group. Create a catchy community name that resonates with your brand. Include past ambassador photos on the page to set the bar for the content you want to see your community create.

Includes Custom Questions on the Application

Asking important questions will make vetting applicants much easier. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your ambassadors better especially as it relates to their relationship with your brand.

Example Questions:

  • Are you a current customer of BRAND?

  • What do you love most about BRAND?

  • How would you share your BRAND experience with your friends and followers?

  • Why do you want to become a BRAND ambassador?

  • How do you use your BRAND products?

For Brands Who Manage More Than One Program

You can either have one main application or separate applications for each program you manage within Roster (and also have separate application pages on your site). Deciding whether to have one or multiple applications entirely depends on how you want to manage your different programs.

Separate Applications:

  • Allow you to create a custom set of questions for the different programs

  • You can promote your programs separately and to specific targeted audiences

One Main Application:

  • Allows you to decide which program the applicant is best suited for

  • Prevents people from trying to apply to a program they’re not necessarily qualified for

Here are some of our favorite ambassador applications!

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