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Ambassador Recruiting Guide
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Great email, social media, and package insert ideas for recruiting brand ambassadors.

Past Customers

Past customers can be some of the best advocates for your company.

You might begin by contacting your previous customers. An easy way to persuade them to join your ambassador program is by email.

The email should include:

  • A catchy subject line

  • The "Why" of your brand

  • A discount code

  • Other ambassador incentives

  • A clear "call to action"

This is a actual email that was used to recruit dozens of ambassadors.


The easiest way to find loving fans is through your existing consumer base. Sending an email after a purchase is a great way to encourage customers to join your brand ambassador program.
Automate the ambassador invitation process by including it in a series of emails sent out regularly. Make it a part of your post-purchase marketing strategy. Emails usually perform best between 2 and 14 days after people receive their purchases.
You also take advantage of the thrill they feel when they open the package you sent them.

Tips for post-purchase emails:

  • An engaging subject line

  • Authentic thank you for purchase

  • Establish your connection with the buyer

  • Introduction of your program

  • Invitation to become a brand ambassador

  • A discount code for future product

  • Review of other ambassador incentives

  • Clear CTA

Social Media Invite

Post an invite on your social media pages.

Think about including:

  • A link to your ambassador program or directly to your application page

  • A process that is simple and easy to follow

  • What they can expect to gain from becoming an "insider"

  • Clear CTA

Shipping Insert

Incorporate a unique invitation to your brand ambassador program for each product delivery.

Combine the delight of new merchandise with the opportunity to earn ambassador benefits all the time.

Ways to turn product deliveries into new brand advocates:

  • Invite customers to apply for a QR Code that leads them to your application page.

  • Direct people to your website by providing a simple URL

  • Explain the perks of being a brand ambassador and build excitement.


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