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Creating Custom Properties
Creating Custom Properties
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Roster supports uploading additional data beyond basic customer information... we call these Custom Properties. Custom properties become information that will help you understand more about your customers and organize them accordingly.

You can gather these data points in two ways, either via upload or by gathering the information voluntarily via forms (when your contacts sign up or apply to be an ambassador.)

Custom Property Examples:

  • Athlete Type

  • Interests

  • How often do you use our products?

  • Questions about their experience with your brand

  • Questions around why and how they may want to partner with your brand

Via Upload

You might already have additional customer data that you’d like to upload into Roster, such as Birth Date or Favorite Product.

If you already have these additional data points that you include in your customer upload, be sure to add the Custom Properties within Roster prior to uploading your list! You can do so under Settings > Properties > Add Property (image below).

See this article for reference.

Collecting Custom Property Data with User Forms

For additional data points you’d like to collect on your audience (or perhaps information you’d like to confirm beyond what you have in your records) you can create custom properties to add as questions to the ambassador forms (under settings). See below on how to add those properties to each form.

  1. Create the type of question you’d like to ask via Properties (under Settings, per instructions above).

  2. Once you go to Settings > User Forms > choose Ambassador Form (inbound application, requires review from the brand) or Profile Form (the ambassador sign-up form).

  3. Click Create Form > Add Question > Select Property > select one of the

Click Here to Learn How to Edit Custom Properties

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