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Editing Custom Properties
Editing Custom Properties
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**You can edit your custom properties at any time. However, please note that if a contact had data for one of the custom properties prior to changing it, the change in their profile will not be reflected.

Steps to Edit:

  1. Settings > Properties > Select the Property you’d like to edit

  2. Make your preferred changes > Click Save

  3. Property Options

    1. Make this property searchable within your contacts (if you want to filter for this data point)

    2. Is Required

    3. Show in Contact Profile (if you want this to show up on the profile's left panel for easy viewing)

Some Helpful Tips:

  • Provide answer options that will help you better organize and segment your customers into appropriate groups. For example: Ask what products they might own. Certain customers might be more helpful in promoting one product versus others.

Click Here to Learn How to Edit Custom Properties

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