Control which campaign submissions meet the guidelines before an ambassador is given credit, resulting in higher quality UGC from your community.

There are circumstances when you might not want content from campaign participants to be automatically immediately upon submission or when captured from social listening.

By marking a campaign activity's submission method as "Manual", your team gets an opportunity to approve submitted content prior to participants getting credit towards completing the campaign.

By default, campaign activities are set to automatically approve submissions from participants.

Enable Manual Approval

If you want to require that campaign submissions are approved by your team prior to the participant getting credit, you can enable manual approval for one or more of the campaign requirements by clicking the Approval method link and changing the setting to Manual approval.

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Skip Manual Approval for Certain Users

If you have already built trust with certain ambassadors, you can configure the manual approval setting to automatically approve submissions from participants who have a specific tag.

With this setting enabled, submissions from participants who don't have any of the selected tags will go into pending and will require approval (or rejection). Submissions from participants who do have one of the selected tags will automatically get approved.

Review Pending Submissions

Submissions for campaigns that have manual approval enabled will default to a pending status and will require somebody from your team to approve or reject them.

When a campaign has pending submissions, a red notification will appear on the campaign's content tab indicating there is content to be reviewed.

You can view all pending submissions from within the Campaign Content tab. Use the "Needs approval" filter to see only the submissions that need to be approved or rejected.

By approving a submission, the participant is immediately given credit for completing the campaign activity. If this is the final requirement of the campaign for the participant, then their status will be marked as completed, any "Upon completing the campaign" incentives will awarded, and if enabled, the campaign "Thank You" email will be sent.

Reject a Submission

When rejecting a submission, you will have the ability to indicate the reason for the rejection, as well as providing additional feedback on what the participant should focus on for their next submission. The participant will be notified by email and will have the opportunity to submit new content.

Bulk-updating Multiple Pending Submissions

If you have lots of pending submissions and want to bulk-approve or reject multiple submissions at once, simply select the desired submissions and use the actions feature to accept or reject multiple records at once.

Ambassadors Portal Experience

When an ambassador submits content for a campaign activity that requires manual approval, they will see a pending status informing them that their submission needs to be reviewed.

If a submission is rejected, they will have the ability to see the rejection reason and any additional feedback that your team provided. They will also be able to re-submit new content, assuming the campaign is still active.

Subscribe to "Pending Submissions" Email Notifications

To ensure you don't leave participants waiting too long for their submissions to be approved, you can subscribe to get an email whenever there are new pending submissions. The email will be sent at most once per day.

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