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The Contacts Page in Roster is a pivotal tool for managing your network of customers, ambassadors, athletes, influencers, and other important stakeholders. It's designed to provide a comprehensive overview and easy access to all your contacts, ensuring efficient management and engagement. This guide will explore the various features of the Contacts Page and how to utilize them effectively.

Navigating the Contacts Page

  1. Dashboard Overview: Upon accessing the Contacts Page, you're greeted with a dashboard that provides a quick overview of your entire contact database. This will display your contacts with some preliminary information about them such as their name, email, follower count, etc.

  2. Search and Filter Functions:

    At the top of the page, there are search and filter options. These tools are essential for quickly finding specific contacts or groups of contacts based on criteria like name, program type, or engagement level.

  3. Contact List: The main section of the Contacts Page displays your list of contacts. Each entry typically includes the contact's name, associated program, contact details, and the last interaction date.

  4. Adding Contacts: There are multiple ways to add contacts to your list:

    • Manual Addition: This can be done via the 'New Contact' button, where you enter the essential details of the new contact.

    • Ambassador Application Form: A streamlined process for ambassadors to apply and automatically get added to your contacts. Learn more here

    • CSV Import: For adding multiple contacts at once, the CSV import feature is available for convenience and efficiency.

  5. Contact Profiles: Clicking on a contact's name opens their detailed profile, where you can view their timeline (containing all of their information), edit information, track interactions, and add notes.

  6. Action Toggle: Each contact can be selected and you'll be met with an action button that allows you to edit details, remove the contact from programs or campaigns, and perform other specific actions like sending emails or assigning to a program.

  7. Integration with Other Features: The Contacts Page is designed to work seamlessly with other Roster features, such as Programs and Campaigns, allowing for a holistic approach to contact management.

  8. Export Contact Data Feature: Easily export ambassador information with this tool on the Contacts Page. Select the ambassador or group of ambassadors (this is when Filters becomes especially powerful), choose desired data columns, and click 'Export' to generate a CSV file.

Tips for Using the Contacts Page

  • Regular Updates: Ensure that contact details are regularly updated for accuracy and relevance.

  • Efficient Use of Filters: Leverage the filter function to manage large numbers of contacts effectively.

  • Engagement Tracking: Utilize the last interaction feature to keep track of your engagement with each contact and plan follow-ups accordingly.

  • Data Analysis: Regularly analyze your contacts' data to identify trends, opportunities for engagement, and areas for improvement in your relationship management strategies.

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