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Getting Started with Roster's Community Feature: A Comprehensive Guide
Getting Started with Roster's Community Feature: A Comprehensive Guide

Community is here to help you better communicate with your ambassadors!

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Roster's new Community feature opens up exciting possibilities for enhanced communication with your ambassadors. This guide will walk you through the process of using the Community feature, from creating channels and posts to inviting participants and managing interactions.

1. Exploring the Community Feature:

The Community feature in Roster introduces a novel way to engage with your ambassadors, enabling seamless communication and interaction. With this feature, you can create posts and channels, and customize your communication strategy like never before.

2. Creating and Customizing Channels:

To get started, navigate to the Community section and from the Channel tab click on "New Channel."

Here, you have the flexibility to customize your channel description and settings. Decide whether the channel should be exclusive to team members or open for ambassadors' participation as well. Tailor the experience to your needs.

3. Inviting Participants:

After setting up your channel, you can invite participants to join. Roster provides two options: inviting an entire group or program, or individually inviting specific ambassadors. This ensures that your communication is targeted and relevant.

4. Activating the Channel:

Once you've invited your participants, you can mark the channel as active. This step signifies that the channel is ready for interactions. As a brand manager, you have full control over the channel's content and activities.

5. Creating Posts:

Crafting posts within the Community feature is straightforward. Click on "Create Post"

Next select the desired channel, and begin composing your message. You can add images and other visuals to enhance your communication. Once ready, hit "Publish."

6. Ambassadors' Experience:

When you publish a post, ambassadors receive a notification. Upon accessing the Community feature, they'll notice a new logo or icon at the top right. This icon grants them access to their channels. Ambassadors can explore recent posts, engage with comments, and stay updated on relevant information.

7. Managing Interactions:

As a brand manager, you can oversee interactions within the Community feature. Access specific channels to view posts, comments, and replies. This insight enables you to gauge the activities and engagement levels within each channel.

8. Enhancing Communication with Roster:

Roster's Community feature streamlines communication between you and your ambassadors, fostering a more connected and engaged community. By leveraging this feature, you can effectively share updates, gather feedback, and create a dynamic space for meaningful interactions.


With Roster's Community feature, communication with your ambassadors takes on a new dimension. By creating channels, crafting posts, and inviting participants, you can build a thriving community that remains informed and engaged. Embrace this powerful tool to strengthen relationships and make communication a seamless part of your ambassador program.

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