The Why:

There may be a time when you will want to send an email or message to your ambassadors about something important or something brand related and rather than doing that within Roster, this integration allows you to do it within Klaviyo.

Within Klaviyo, you are able to leverage your brand's existing template that may have already been approved by the company, to send out emails to your Ambassadors.

And now with this integration, it allows you to sync the people inside of their Roster programs into Klaviyo.

The How:

In Klaviyo

Within your Klaviyo account create your API keys granting full access to all the API scopes.

In Roster

Within your Roster settings and in the Integration tab, you will see the Klaviyo Integration section. Select “Add Credentials”. This will walk you through getting the required API keys from your Klaviyo account.

Once connected, Roster will send your programs’ contacts to Klayvio where they will show up in profiles within Klayvio.

Any time a member is added to or removed from a program in Roster, their profile in Klaviyo will be updated accordingly so that the lists are the same between both applications.

Within these profiles, you will find a property called “Program Key - Roster”

With the program key, you can go over to the List and Segments tab and create a New Segment.

A segment is a list, but it's dynamic. So it's based on properties that the person has. (I.E. wooly-influencers-288)

Once the Segment for your desired program has been created, you are able to send out emails or SMS by creating a new campaign within Klaviyo.

Within the Campaign Information and under the “Send to” drop down menu, you will be able to select the segment you created in the steps above.

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