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A Guide to Weglot Integration in Roster
A Guide to Weglot Integration in Roster
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In today’s global market, reaching a diverse audience is key to the success of your brand. To assist in this endeavor, Roster proudly integrates with Weglot, a dynamic software solution that enables seamless translation of your application forms. This integration makes your forms accessible in multiple languages, broadening your reach and enhancing user experience.

Understanding the Integration:

Before starting the technical setup, understand how the integration works. Once set up, Weglot translates your application forms into the languages you've selected, ensuring global accessibility and a user-friendly experience.

Part 1: Setting Up Your Weglot Account

Creating a Weglot Account:

If you don’t have a Weglot account, create one. This process involves registering your brand’s details on the Weglot website.

Starting a New Project in Weglot:

After setting up your account, create a new project within Weglot. This project will link to your Roster application forms.

  • Give your project a name

  • For the 'Website Technology' be sure to select Other

Selecting Languages and Obtaining API Key:

On Weglot, you'll be prompted to enter a Domain URL, select the original language of your project (choose English), select the languages you want to translate into, and pick a URL Type

  • For the Domain URL, you'll enter:

  • For the languages you'll select English for the Original Language and then whatever languages you want to translate into for Translated languages.

  • For the URL Type, you'll select Subdirectories.

You'll then be met with a window titled 'Your DNS settings.' You'll simply click the "Skip this step" in the text and move on.

Weglot will then provide you with an API key for this project.

Part 2: Integrating Weglot with Your Roster Program Settings

Navigating to Program Settings in Roster:

Log into your Roster account. Navigate to 'Programs', select the program you wish to integrate with Weglot, and enter the 'Application Form' settings.

In the 'Application Form' settings locate and click into 'Multilingual application form'

Integrating with API Key:

In the 'Multilingual application form' settings within your Roster account, locate the designated field to enter the Weglot API key. Paste the API key you obtained from Weglot here.

Activating Automatic Translation:

With the API key integrated, Weglot will automatically start translating the content of your application forms based on the selected languages.

Fine-Tuning Translations:

Although Weglot’s automatic translation is efficient, you may want to make adjustments for accuracy or context. Fine-tune these translations within Weglot to align perfectly with your brand's tone and context.

Moving the Language Selector

Having the language in the bottom corner isn't the most ideal location we can think of so we decided we'd make it easy for you to move it up to the top where it's easier for your potential ambassadors to interact with! Just follow these steps!

  1. In the settings of your project find the section titled 'Language Switcher'

  2. In the 'Switcher advanced options' section there is a place to put code titled 'CUSTOM CSS' in that field paste this code snippet.

    .wg-default, .wg-default .country-selector { 
    top: 20px;
    position: fixed;
    right: 20px;

    .wg-drop.weg-openup ul {
    top: 38px !important;
    bottom: unset;
  3. Click save and you've done it! The Language Switcher will now be in the top right of the page.


Integrating Weglot with your Roster account is a straightforward, two-step process that significantly enhances the accessibility of your application forms. This integration is crucial for making your brand truly global, ensuring you effectively reach and engage with a diverse audience.

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