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I’ve been invited to a campaign but when I sign into Roster, I can’t see it or I see a message that says I don’t have access to the campaign.

If you received a campaign email invitation from a brand and you can't see the campaign or there is a message indicating that you can't participate, you may be signed in with the wrong email address.

First check the email in your account settings to confirm that it is the same email address which received the campaign invitation. Since most campaigns are invite-only, only the email you applied and/or signed up with is authorized to join the campaign.

If your account email does not match the email address which received the campaign invitation, do the following:

  1. Log out of your current account

  2. Sign in (or sign up) with the email address that received the campaign invitation. (**Be sure to log in via the brand's portal)

Still not working? Reach out to Roster Support with your issue and be sure to tell them the email address you intend to use along with the brand you are working with.

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