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Roster Alerts: Streamlining Your Workflow with Tailored Email Notifications
Roster Alerts: Streamlining Your Workflow with Tailored Email Notifications
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Stay ahead of crucial developments that demand your attention by leveraging Roster's email notification feature. Ensure that you are always in the loop, whether it's receiving new applications, processing referral payments, or fulfilling campaign rewards. Tailor your notifications to specific programs, allowing you to streamline your focus and avoid distractions.

How to Enable Email Notifications:

  1. Click the brand name in the bottom left corner and select Your account

  2. Click on Email notifications and expand each notification type to customize the frequency of alerts (daily, weekly, or monthly) and select the programs of interest.

  3. Opt for "All Programs" to automatically include future programs or choose specific programs to enable notifications as they are created.

Types of Events and Customization:

Managing Email Preferences:

If you wish to stop receiving emails for specific events, update the Frequency field to "No Email." This unsubscribes you from the selected event. Crucially, avoid categorizing Roster emails as spam to maintain Roster's email sending reputation and prevent emails from being automatically routed to recipients' spam folders.


Enhance your workflow efficiency by fine-tuning Roster's email notifications. Stay organized, focused, and informed about critical events, ensuring you can manage your programs seamlessly and maintain a positive relationship with your advocates.

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