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Why is my social post not showing in my campaign or action?
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If you happen to notice your social posts aren’t being picked up in your Roster account, here are some things you can check...

Quick Rules Overview

  • First check the campaign or action requirements in the Roster app to ensure it's requiring a social feed post. Roster automatically captures

    • Instagram Feed Posts

    • Instagram Reels

    • Instagram Stories (for Instagram Professional accounts)

    • Facebook Feed Posts

    • TikTok Videos

    • Twitter Feed Posts (Tweets)

  • For social posts: if you have followed the rules outlined below then your post should be able to be pulled into the Roster platform.

  • For public posts, it can take up to 24 hours for Roster to automatically pick it up so give it some time and the system will do it for you.

  • If your social account is private, then Roster will not be able to pull in your post automatically. Look for the "Refresh" button within the activity to pull it in on-demand.

  • Also, check to make sure your post is within the campaign's start and end dates.

1. Which social platform did you post to?

  • Roster's automated social listening processes currently run for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You MUST post to a network that is required in the activities and our system will automatically pull it in as long as it follows the guidelines explained in point #2 below.

  • Other content can be added by providing a web link or uploading images. Note: these options are only available when the brand has those options enabled in the activities section.

2. Check to make sure your post includes all the activity requirements

  1. Did you correctly @mention the brand's social handle required in the activity? You must @mention the brand in the caption (not hidden in a comment) in order for your post to be counted.

    1. Note: for Instagram you can also tag the brand in the media/image and the post will be picked up later in a recurring sync. that won't be real-time so wait up to 24 hours to see your tagged media post(s) pulled in.

    2. See this help article for more details.

  2. Did you use the proper #hashtag associated with the activity? Remember that the hashtag (if required) MUST be in your caption, (not hidden in a comment).

  3. Instagram TV posts are not automatically pulled in due to limitations in the Facebook & Instagram APIs and should be provided to the brand via screenshot and image upload (only relevant if the brand requests this type of content)

  4. How old is your post? If it's older than a couple weeks, it may not be eligible.

3. Did you post from a social account that you have connected in Roster?

  1. In order for us to more easily find your post, it's recommended you connect your social account within your Roster account.

  2. To confirm your social connections within your Roster account, check here.

  3. If your social connection was missing and now you've added it, allow up to 24 hours to see your post(s) pulled in.

4. Do you have a private social account?

  1. In order for Roster to pick up your private social post, please read what you'll need to ensure that your account is connected to Roster (see #3 above) AND that you click the refresh icon next to the campaign activity within Roster.

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