Public campaigns for giveaways, contests and UGC

Public campaigns are a great way to pull in tagged posts from people who might not be in your ambassador network but who are still mentioning your brand on social. Here are a few common ways to encourage your audience to do so:

1. Post-Purchase Excitement: Get new customers excited by sending a post-purchase email asking them to share on social media when they receive their product. Examples:

  • Post selfie with the product and tag @___ and #___.

  • Post your first blend!

  • Plus, you could add an incentive they could do a giveaway for people who participate. E.g., free product for one person each month

2. Newsletter Themes: Loop them into current initiatives using email newsletters to invite and inspire UGC (User Generated Content).

  • Share you favorite summer smoothie @____ #summer

  • Post your best fall treat @____ #falltreat

  • You could even have a seasonal based giveaway for those who participate

3. Social CTA via Instagram or Facebook: You could also invite your audience to these initiative via your brand's Instagram, Facebook or Twitter pages. Similar to the examples above, promoting via your social channels as well.

4. If your brand has a retail presence, share a flyer or business card at checkout for a tangible, in-store experience inviting people to post and tag your brand.


STEP 1. Go to the Campaigns tab within Wooly

STEP 2. Select Public Campaign

STEP 3. Select the Campaign Requirements

  • Type of post

  • @mention (which handle they are supposed to tag in their post)

  • Campaign hashtag

STEP 4. Create a title, internal description, and choose the Campaign Duration

STEP 5. Review & Publish

You're all set! Once it is published, Wooly will begin social listening and pick up any posts that mention your brand on the selected platform AND use the hashtag.

**NOTE: The participants MUST mention your AND use the hashtag in order for us to pick up the post.

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