Great! You're looking to add team members or edit team member permissions to your Roster account. Let's head over to the Team Members page to do this.

Adding Team Members

Click "Add Member" in the top right, then follow the modal to add the user's first name, last name, and email address. This will send them a link to sign up and join the account.

Granting Permissions

Roster users may be granted several different permission types.

  • Team Admin - team admins have the same set of permissions as the primary account owner. This includes adding other team members, authenticating social profiles, and configuring the account. This is handy if the account owner needs an ecomm or social media manager to set up the different integrations

  • Full Access - this gives the user complete user access except for the ability to modify the account, set up integrations, and add team members

  • Limited Access - Limited Access is an Enterprise feature. It allows the owner to restrict contact access for certain users (e.g., limit users to specific geographies or manage select contacts)

Deleting Users

To delete a user, simply click on the pencil icon to edit then delete them using the button in the bottom left of the modal.

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