If you happen to notice social posts missing from your Roster campaign, there are a few things you can check...

First, where did the post come from?

  • Roster's social listening processes currently run for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

  • The type of posts Roster receives via social listening are feed posts. In other words, posts that are made directly to one's profile. Currently this does not include Stories, Instagram TV, or Reels - those can be submitted via links.

  • All other content can be added to an individual's profile/campaign by providing a web link. This might include Pinterest posts, YouTube videos, or Blog posts.

  • Reporting and stats are not provided on platforms other than Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at this time due to their limited API access

Second, check the post that is missing from the report:

  1. Did the ambassador tag the correct social profile for the brand (specifically, the accounts connected withinRoster)? They must tag the brand in either the caption or the post media.

  2. Did the ambassador use the proper #hashtag associated with the campaign? The campaign hashtag MUST be in the caption, (not hidden in a comment) in order for us to pull the post.

Finally, check the ambassador account within Roster:

  1. Is the social account they posted to the same one they have connected within Roster? (This is a must for an ambassador campaign)

  2. They could have duplicate contact profiles within Roster. Search their @handle within All Contacts to make sure.

  3. In some cases, we are unable to immediately match a person's Facebook post to their profile due to security restrictions in Facebook's API which causes a duplicate contact profile to be created. If this happens, you can search for the duplicate and merge them by adding the same social handle to the other profile. The system will then merge the two into one profile during a nightly process.

    1. If you will be using Facebook heavily, it's recommended to encourage ambassadors to authenticate their Facebook account so the system can read their posts directly.

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