How Duplicate Ambassador Profiles Get Created:

When an ambassador fills out an application through Roster and gets accepted, they may create a Roster profile with a different email address than the one they applied with (aka the email address you have on the profile that was accepted). When this happens, duplicate profiles are created.

If a duplicate profile gets created, a few things may occur:

  • If the ambassador does not use the original email that they signed up with, they will not have access to join the campaign they were originally invited to and will not have access to any of the campaigns or discounts they are supposed to

  • If the ambassador didn’t follow a campaign invitation link and signed up and completed their profile (with the new email) their new profile will appear in the applicants tab.

How To Merge 2 Ambassador Profiles:

*Before you get started, be sure to ask the ambassador which email they want to use going forward. Email address is the data point that prevents 2 profiles from being merged.

  1. Search “all contacts” for the ambassador’s social handle or name to identify the 2 profiles that need to be merged. Open both profiles in separate tabs

  2. Go to the profile that does not have the correct email on it and delete the email that they will NOT be using anymore

  3. Be sure that both profiles have the same social handle listed. This will be what triggers our system to merge the 2 profiles

Wait 24 hours and the profiles will be merged, combining the data from both.

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