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Get notified about important events
Get notified about important events
Written by Libby Serra
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Stay on top of important events that require your attention by enabling email notifications for important events, such as when new applications are received, referral payments need to be sent, or campaign rewards need to be fulfilled. If your brand manages multiple programs, you can configure for which programs you want to be notified so that you aren't getting distracted by events pertaining to programs you aren't managing.

Enable Email Notifications

To enable email notifications, navigate to Profile Settings Notifications.

Expand each notification type and determine the frequency in which you want to get notified (daily, weekly, or monthly) and which programs you are interested in. If you enable "Select All", it will automatically include any program created in the future. In contrast, if you select individual programs, newly added programs will need to be enabled after they are created.

Types of Events

New Application Received

Get notified when a new application for one of the selected programs is received. This enables you to say on top of applications when the applicant's interest in your program is high. An email notification will only be sent if there are new applicants since the last time the email was sent to you.

Pending Referral Rewards

Get notified when there are pending referral rewards older than 30 days that need to be approved. This ensures you remember to send payments to your advocates around the typical 30-day window. An email notification will lonely be sent if there are pending referral rewards older than 30 days. The email will also include a count of approved but unsent payments.

Pending Campaign Fulfillment

Get notified when there are new manual campaign fulfillments that need to be processed. Rewarding advocates for completing campaigns is a great way to reinforce your appreciation and respect for the advocates engaging with your brand.

Are there other types of events for which you would like to get notified? If so, let us know by sending an email to [email protected]!

Unsubscribing from Event Emails

If you no longer wish to receive emails for one or more events, update the Frequency field to No Email. This will unsubscribe you from the selected event. It is important that you don't categorize these Roster emails as spam, as that will damage Roster's email sending reputation and increase the change of emails being automatically sent to recipients' spam folders.

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