Once referral rewards (points or commissions) are enabled for a program, they will automatically be created for referred orders driven by advocates within the program. Click the Referral Rewards icon in the left-hand menu to view all referral rewards.

Approving Referral Rewards

You can view the list of all referral rewards that require approval by navigating to the Referral Rewards page. Pending rewards can be approved or rejected. Clicking on the green checkmark sets a reward to approved.

  • Approved referral commission are eligible for payment and are added to an advocate's payment balance on the Unsent Payments tab.

  • Approved referral points are added to the advocates points balance, but do not show up on the Unset Payments tab.

As a best practice, approve referral rewards for orders that have exceeded your store's return policy (e.g. if your return policy is 30 days, wait until at least 31 days to approve the reward). Use the order date filter to exclude referral rewards that haven't yet reached your store's return policy.

Auto-Approved Referral Points

When configuring referral points for a program, it is possible to set rewards to be auto-approved after a specified number of days. For referral rewards created for a program with this setting enabled, the system will display how many days until it is is auto-approved. You can always approve or reject a reward prior to it being auto-approved.

Rejecting Referral Rewards

There could be several reasons why rejecting a referral reward might be warranted, such as if the original order has been canceled, if it has been determined that the advocate's discount code was leaked to deal sites, personal orders, or other conditions that might go against your brand's referral guidelines.

Undoing Approved or Rejected Rewards

Rewards that have previously been approved or rejected, but not yet paid can be reset back to Pending. This might be helpful in the case when a reward has been approved, but you later discover that the order was returned.

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